100403, The long weekend – a little work & shopping, then play.

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Dear bloggery,

i know it’s taken me a while; what with not having a license since July, spending 3 hours to visit Mistress, & starting up a Facey page, i’ve hardly had the time to read blogs, let alone write one.  But, i must tell you about the day i spent with Mistress recently.

It all started out innocently enough.  i was going to go home or the day, & do some work there, when Mistress asked me for a hand to build a gate.  Neither of us have a carpentry background, so i was a little hesitant.  Despite that, we managed to build a gate that seems to be working well.  It’s still working after 3 days, so it might be here for a while.

By the time we had finished, it was about mid afternoon.  Mistress was going to take me to the station, but convinced me to stay another night in return for some intense play.  How could i resist?

The evening’s plans began by taking a trip to the local sex shop.  Mistress has a nice strap-on dildo, but has been thinking of getting a nicer cock for it.  So, we went out shopping.  We arrived at the converted warehouse, & started looking at the items for sale.  Mistress was giggling at what passes for a flogger these days.  She was also commented on the lack of good BDSM movies for sale.  We might have to look at buying some from o/s.

But, She did manage to find the rubber cock section of the store.  All manner of size, shape & colour were available.  After a bit of a search, we decided upon a nice 8″ rubber cock.  Mistress wanted a nice Big Black Cock, but there wasn’t any that would suit Her strap-on.  Maybe later…  😉

We went back home, & unpacked all of our goodies.  We also got a “travelling enema” kit, so got to use that one first.  Mistress ordered me to strip off my clothes, then to lay down on a towel.  She got some warm water, & managed to squirt it inside me without making a mess.  Then, without warning, She started spanking me with one of Her paddles.  I was ordered to keep still, to stop whimpering, & not to make a mess.  With those commands, i obeyed while She turned Her slut’s cheeks a very bright red.

When Mistress was satisfied with Her slut’s submission, She commanded me to “finish up”.  A short while later, i presented myself to Her, all cleaned up..  inside & out!  After a thorough inspection, Mistress commanded me to wait for Her on the bed.  Within a few minutes, Mistress was ready to take advantage of Her dirty little slut…

Mistress commanded me to get on my hands & knees.  i could hear Her putting on the rubber glove She uses.  Once more, Mistress warmed up my arse, but this time, with a cane.  It did come as a surprise, but after 6 of the best, She was happy with the condition of Her slut’s arse.

Then i felt Her starting to exercise Her slut’s arse as She sat down behind me.  She started off inserting one finger, then another.  Within a short time, She was easily fucking me with 3 fingers.  i wanted Her to continue, but that was not in Her plans.

Since Mistress felt i was ready, She slid Her new rubber cock into my arse.  What a wonderful feeling!  my arse was tingling as i was being fucked.  It was beautiful giving myself to my Mistress, just for Her pleasure.  i loved having Her cock deep inside me.  After some nice fucking, Mistress said to me;
“You’re such a dirty little slut.  You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”
“Yes, i am Mistress.  We love this”, i replied
“In that case, get on your back & spread your legs nice & wide for your Mistress.”
“Yes Mistress”

With that command, i rolled over onto my back, lifted & spread my legs, & exposed my arse.  i watched Mistress smiling as She slid Her rubber cock into me once more.
“You dirty little slut!”, She said.  “Your arse is almost swallowing this entire cock!  You want more of it, don’t you?”
“i just want to please You, my Mistress.”
Mistress then proceeded to pound Her cock into my arse.  i held onto the bed head while She fucked me deeply.  i could feel Her legs as She forced Her cock inside me.  It was marvelous just offering myself for Her pleasure, & having Her take it.  i was Hers…

But all too soon, it was all over.  Mistress had taken Her pleasure with Her slut, & i had found another way to say

“i love You, Mistress..”

100121 – The email to worship

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i can still get into Lego... 🙂

Received this picture on an email today, & just had to share it!

100120, The weekend – caning, movie & dinner.

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Dear bloggery,

i know it’s taken me a while, but i must tell you of the wonderful weekend i’ve just spent with Mistress.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been out on the town, so Mistress mentioned Her desire to get out of the house for a change.  With that, i suggested we head out to the movies & dinner afterwards.  That meant, we had to get ready to go.  For my Mistress, that means wearing the sweet underwear that Her darling slut bought for Her.  It also means getting Her slut ready to leave the house.

Even though i’m the sort of guy who makes jeans/T-shirt/suit jacket work well, Mistress still had to make some “discrete” adjustments.  She commanded me to strip off all of my clothes, then lie face down on the bed.  It was then that She warmed up my arse with one of Her hair brushes.  As She paddled me rapidly, i could feel my arse warming right through me.  After She was pleased with the colour of my cheeks, the brush was replaced with the cane!

Mistress told me that She wanted to know that i am Her property.  She wanted to see me wriggle as we strolled, or sat down.  She wanted to see stripes on my arse.  She then proceeded to cane my arse.  Softly at first, & then a couple of substantial strikes.  I could feel the stripes forming on me.  Every now & then, She would whisper into my ear that She loves me, or how beautiful i looked.

After what seemed to be 15 or 20 minutes, Mistress put down the cane, & gave me a hug.  She told me once more how She adores Her property & loves making it presentable for Her entertainment.  But that still wasn’t enough for Her.  Without any warning, She grabbed the cane again, & gave me 3 more stripes.  i was allowed to have a quick shower to cool down a little, when i saw that there were at least 10 strips going across both of my bum cheeks!

After i got dressed, we headed off.  Despite having to drive, Mistress was very happy to be going out.  She did mention that She missed riding around in my car; it presents the seat belt to Her, which She thinks is not only cute, but it’s the right thing to do.  I was wriggling all the way to the theatre.  Mistress was giggling at my attempts to find comfort.  These attempts were not to stop, as we went to see Avatar.  i’ve always been a fan of long movies, but it was different being an owned slut, with a striped arse, trying to find comfort for 3 hours!

i did manage to make it though, as most of the feeling subsided before the movie finished.  During dinner, Mistress did make sure that i squirmed just in the right spot to feel Her ownership of me.  How exquisite!  i do so enjoy being Her toy.  i love being used only for Her pleasure.  Knowing that She canes me just to please Herself excites me.  Hearing Her say that She’s pleased with me make me feel warm all over.

Giving my arse to Her caning is just one of the many ways i’ve found to say…
“Mistress, i love You”

100108, EXTRA! EXTRA! Read-allaboudtit!!

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Dear Bloggery,

I’ve just added some new pages for my friends to leave Guest blogs & stories too.  Check out Ms Nicky’s page here, as well as her blog below.  Another subbie friend, outsider_64, has her own page as well.

Hope you like their stories.  You’re most welcome to leave encouraging comments with their stories.

On a slightly different note, i’ve noticed that WordPress uses “writing” guides with their Spellchecker.  My blogs always seem to have red marks all over them telling me that the phase seems to be in a “Passive voice”!  Don’t they know that i’m a submissive???  Or that I belong to a most beautiful Mistress?


Bye for now.

Oh!  There’s also today’s blog down below!!!

100108, The holidays – Just stuff.

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Dear bloggery,

Happy New Year!!!  Yet again, it’s been a few weeks since i’ve posted anything, but in my submissive defense, i have been out of the state for a while, or faithfully serving my Mistress.

Once again, Mistress has tethered me to the bed whilst She went out for a while.  This time however, i was wide awake when She tied the rope around my ankle.  Mistress took the opportunity to give me a task while She was out.  i was commanded to play with Her (my) cock, until i came.  And I was to cum twice for Her.  To make sure i obeyed Her, She gave me a “light” caning to remind me that i am Her possession.

With my arse still stinging & Mistress gone on Her way, i lay back on the bed & i did as i was instructed.  i started gently massaging Her cock until it was nice & hard.  i was thinking how pleased She would be that Her slut was at home, securely tied to Her bed, playing with Her cock, & telling Her friends about Her toy.  There were such a lovely chain of events flashing through my mind, that i spurted Mistress’ cum over my tummy.  i thought that She would like that, then managed to scoop the cum into my mouth.

Unfortunately, i was not able to complete the task set to me.  A couple of hours after She left, Mistress returned to find me still naked on the bed.  She was pleased to see me, & returned my loving smile.  She was not happy that i had only cum once, so gave me another 6 stripes of the cane.  With my arse still red hot, Mistress slid up behind me to feel Her deed, then commanded that i serve Her.  As i was still a captive in Her bed, Her loyal slut, & loving property, i couldn’t refuse.  Fuck!  Why would i EVER want to refuse Her?

Since Mistress had just returned from a trip down the street, i gave Her a nice little massage to begin with.  Oh Bloggery, i do love touching Her skin & feeling it move beneath me.  After a while, Mistress commanded me to fuck Her with my tongue.  As i yielded to Her command, i could feel Her body begin to tense up.  But before She could cum, i was urgently told to give Mistress Her cock.  Once again, i bent to Her desires, & slid myself inside Her.  By this time, i was very worked up myself.  Mistress could see that i was straining to keep myself from cumming, as i had not been allowed to yet.  Shortly after though, & with a smile, Mistress commanded me to cum.  i managed to spurt Her cum over Her tummy, & cleaned up my mess before relaxing next to Her.

While we were lying there, Mistress told me that She mentioned to Her friends that i was naked, fastened to Her bed, & waiting for Her return.  It feels so sweet to make love to my Mistress in the many & varied ways She requests.  That afternoon was one of the sweetest.

i love You, Mistress

The weekend – 091213, Mistress’ outing.

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Dear bloggery,

Once again, it’s been such a long time since i’ve written you, but there’s something i must tell you.

i’ve spent a little time with Mistress this weekend & into the week, as i’m on holidays.  We’ve been having our usual type of fun.  We’ve cooked plenty of sumptuous meals, watched lots of terrific movies, and have spent quite some time worshipping.  I truly enjoy being my Mistress’ property.

But, the other day, Mistress said that She had to go out for a few hours.  Said She was meeting up with some ladies for a get-together.  About mid afternoon, She said that she wanted a rest before heading out & commanded me to keep Her company in bed.  i obediently stripped off my clothes, & took my place besides Her.  i do have a “standing order” from Mistress to present Her (my) cock in an erect state, but since She wanted some rest, i showed Mistress the nice knickers i was wearing, & joined Her in bed,

Soon after that, we both nodded off to sleep.  i don’t remember what i dreamt while sleeping, but i do remember what i found when i awoke.  It was 8:30 as i turned over & felt something over my legs.  i thought that Mistress’ cat had joined us.  When i looked over, Mistress had left.  When i looked down, the cat wasn’t there…  i looked under the sheets to see that Mistress had tied one of Her bondage ropes securely around my foot!  i got out of bed to find that Mistress had left for Her “girls’ night” & had left me tethered to the bed!!!  How delicious is that, Bloggery???

It’s hard to describe how i felt.  i felt like Mistress’ property.  i felt bound to a beautiful Mistress.  i was helpless to resist Her, & unwilling to.  i felt used for Her pleasure.  i felt incredibly hot & horny!!!  i was simply happy.

The bedside lamp was going, & underneath it was my phone.  This was a command from Mistress; i just knew it.  I sent Her a quick SMS;
“Yes Mistress.  i promise to be Your loving slut”
With that, i lay back on the bed & waited for Mistress’ return.

It was about an hour & a half later that She opened the door to the bedroom.  We both beamed at each other.  i was so, SO happy to see Her again.  She came over & gave me a hug, them said;
“You have been such a lovely slut.  you’ll be rewarded later tonight.  Now, let me untie you so that you can get me my drink.”

We spent some more time together so that i could worship Mistress’ feet.  Later that evening, Mistress commanded me to bed once more.  Once we were both in bed, i obeyed my standing order & presented myself to Her.  She was most pleased to see just how much of a slut i am.  i told Her that Her cock was so incredibly hard when i was tied up, and how i was so pleased to be there serving Her pleasure whilst She was out.
“Were you, you cheeky little slut?”, She said.
“Yes Mistress.  We adored being Your property.  It was like i was obeying Your command without You giving it, but i fully understood what You wanted of me.”
“In that case, roll onto your tummy, and show me that slut’s arse of mine.”

Then, without a word, Mistress used Her cane across my arse.  i started to wince as She gave me a 6th stripe.
“You know that you belong to me & you are my sex toy?” She whispered
“Yes Mistress.  i only want to please You.”
“Oh, you please me very, very much.  But you are such a dirty slut.  Now, give me my cock.  Having you here waiting for me has made me horny & I want you to serve me.”
“Yes Mistress.”

With my new command, i gently fucked my Mistress.  As i had not been given permission, i did not cum for Mistress.  She could sense how intense my needs were, while i knew how pleased She was that i obeyed Her desires.

Bloggery, i remained faithful to Mistress’ charge, but fell to sleep before i could give Her this message.

i love You, Mistress

Special guest blogger – Ms Nicky

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Dear bloggery,

A lovely friend of mine, Ms Nicky, has been reading the blogs of Mistress & myself for quite some time.  She’s expressed an interest in BDSM, but has never had the chance to play.  This weekend though, she was invited by a Master to meet His sub.  She was so excited after her play, that I had to give her a special guest blogger appearance.

So, without any further ado, here’s Ms Nicky’s first story.  🙂



He had been trying to talk me into it for quite a while and for some ungodly reason I agreed. His relatively inexperienced subbie needed to be taught some lessons and I was enlisted to show her just how low down the totem pole she really was and how hard she had to work to be worthy of Him. I was damned scared – yes I had been with a woman before but at the time I had my own protector, albeit my friend who was trying to broaden my horizons. This time I was with a man who I had not had sex with but craved to bend me to His will – no bloody way.

We had our battle of wills for six months. He sent me pictures of his little slave all biddable and not quite so innocent but He wanted her to do things she was not quite sure of, only because He wanted them done and she knew she was no good. she could not be any good because her church had told her so, the priest telling her that she was damned for eternity because of her blonde prettiness and voluptuous body. He and I had talked about me joining her but I had my reservations. He asked and I said no – time and time again.

One night I was feeling particularly aroused after watching some porn and he sent me a sms suggesting we catch up. All three of us, and heaven help me I said yes.

So there I was last Sunday in a hotel room asking myself how in hell’s name I was there – skirt, button-up blouse, knickers and no bra (I was positive when I walked into the Reception area that everyone knew what I was not wearing and what I was about to do. I had been given strict instructions on what to wear and how to behave. “No talking to her” he said. “Only speak when I ask you a question”. I had said that I wanted to be pandered to, it was to be all me, me, me. I am not usually that selfish but I was not comfortable with the scenario and thought if I made it all about me then perhaps He would change His mind. I am not normally that stupid as to think that I could get a Dom to change His mind but at the back of my tiny brain there was the hope of keeping some semblance of control.

He met me in the hotel lobby, took me upstairs and reminded me that I was to only talk when He asked me a question, He opened the door and led me in and there she was, sitting on the bed naked, staring straight ahead at the television (obviously left on to keep her calm before I was brought into the room). He said “Ms Nicky this is blonde jezebel, blonde jezebel this is Ms Nicky” then proceeded to instruct her to undress me. I stood there whilst He told blonde jezebel to kiss me then again and again, then He asked me if she was any good. Knowing better than to speak I turned my head from side to side signifying that she could do better so He gently pointed out with slaps and nips that she needed to do much better. She tried again and was improved the second time by Him putting His fingers inside her and pressing up against her clitoris. As she moaned she was pushed down onto her knees and instructed to lick me. Being a sucker for a tongue inside me I in turn began to moan and she continued to lick me both inside and out as he directed. When she stood and started suckling my breasts I found that I had to hold onto the wall to keep my balance. I was allowed to hold onto her shoulders as my legs began to weaken and as I was ready to open my mouth and say something He told her to stop and take me to the bathroom where we proceeded to wash each other under the shower.

I cheated though. Knowing that He wanted to direct matters I did not speak and He continued to tell both blonde jezebel and I what to do but when He stepped out to have a sip of his drink I began to fondle her and bring her to the brink with my fingers. I had previously been warned that when she orgasmed that she passed out momentarily so was very careful not to let her come. Turning her back towards me when I was washing her with the bar of soap I held her against me and soaped her breasts and she started making a mewling sound and He came back into the room had to pinch her to make her stop.

After drying each other off and Him fingering blonde jezebel thoroughly we went back to the bed and as told I lay down near the edge with my legs widely parted. For the next half an hour I was indulged with her incredibly hot tongue licking me, teeth nibbling at my lips and fingers sliding in and out of me. All of a sudden she was pushing a dildo into me and distracting me with her mouth but I realised she was having problems as while she was indulging me, He had pushed a plug into her and instructed her not to let it out. It was quite interesting how as she grimaced her mouth around my clitoris did the most wonderful things.

In my greed at having someone licking me out I did not pay heed to her cries of distress at first and then realised I was there not to be totally indulged but for her to learn from her (not sure if he would be termed Master) better. He of course had not forgotten and was showing blonde jezebel what a good subbie should do and disciplining her accordingly.

He stepped out onto the balcony for a cigarette and when He was out of the room I (wordlessly of course) pulled blonde jezebel up and started mouthing her nipples. She shuddered so hard that I thought she was going to come but controlled herself as she had been told not to come unless she was told she could. I don’t orgasm easily and I felt so sorry for her the way she did because when she was almost at the brink I stopped playing with her and let her body recover. Time and time again this happened and when I heard his voice telling me to make her come and giving her permission to do so I rolled her onto her back and began to lick her in turn. The sight of this gorgeous 26yo blonde in the throes of orgasm was something to behold. She lay there still and I remembered what He had said about blonde jezebel “passing out” after orgasming and started feeling quite guilty but when she had recovered he told me to lick “His” cunt, make it come and then stopped me just before she came. I lost count of the times I brought her to the brink and then stopped after she started begging Him to let “His” cunt come.

Somehow I don’t think I was much use to Him in His lessons but the way she waited for the sound of His voice, for the thrust of His fingers inside His cunt and for Him to kiss her made me realise that I was very much the outsider. For two hours we licked, finger fucked and sucked each other. He let blonde jezebel come four times only. I did not let Him know that as much as I enjoyed the afternoon I was not satisfied because I could not bear to see her punished when I did not come. Oh yes I masturbated whilst she fucked me with a dildo but my orgasm came from my own fingers with me thinking about a cock inside of me.

Quite abruptly He whispered in my ear that it was time for me to get dressed and as previously instructed I dressed, He walked me to the lobby once more and said that He thought we could do this time after time…